Friday, January 14, 2011

Poh's Kitchen Roti

I sort of got the knack

Served with a yummy nonya chicken curry

I was given the cookbook Poh's Kitchen for Christmas. I didn't watch Master Chef because we don't have a TV, but I have seen her show on the internet and I really like her. The book contains a rather strange mix of recipes and styles. If I just say that it contains 3 separate recipes for fried rice alongside a recipe for melting moments, you'll get the flavour. But I like it.

The first thing I was keen to make was the roti. It was easier than I expected and we had fun trying to stretch the dough. It came out pretty good for a first attempt. Not up to Mamak standards but still delicious.

Recently I had lunch with some friends, including a professional chef. He railed against Poh and the whole Master Chef phenomenon, on the basis that the contestants attract far more attention and kudos than they deserve, book deals etc, compared with a professional chef who has trained hard for years to develop their skills. I just blushed and didn't dare mentioned that the banana cake I had brought was baked from a Poh recipe.

You can find the exact recipe as it is in the book here.

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  1. Awww..I was hoping you took part in the challenge. Regardless, you have a lovely blog here, and thanks for your sweet comment!